Ålesund, Norway

RESIST Partners’ 3rd Consortium Meeting in Ålesund, Norway 

Ålesund, Norway

The RESIST Project’s 3rd Consortium Meeting is set to take place in Ålesund, Norway, from 5-7 December 2023. This gathering will bring together key partners, researchers, and stakeholders, for discussions on the progress and outlook of the project. 

The agenda features a range of engaging activities, including presentations covering the work packages, technology demonstrations, a Community of Practice session, and workshops dedicated to exploring Nature-Based Solutions, which sit at the heart of RESIST. 

Day one will feature introduction, project status updates and digital technology demonstrations. Day two will focus on region presentations, discussions, and community building. Day three will provide a chance for a deeper dive into the demonstrator regions.  

Overall, the meeting serves as a platform to share experiences and drive advances in digital technologies for climate adaptation and stakeholder engagement, all the while strengthening the RESIST project’s mission. 

RESIST is working with a group of 12 regions across Europe to increase their resilience to the effects of climate change. Vesterålen, in Norway, is one of the eight twinning regions and faces challenges related to sea level rise, sea water temperature increases and extreme weather. 

Within the RESIST project, Vesterålen plans to further develop the GaiaVesterålen platform using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology. This platform demonstrates the effects of climate change, with a focus on making both the public and private sectors more climate conscious. 

The use of Digital Twin technology in the activities in Vesterålen will maximise active involvement from all stakeholders. It will showcase the local impact of climate change, especially on the marine industry, which is vital to the region.