Our regions

RESIST is working with a group of twelve regions across Europe to increase their resilience to the effects of climate change. Southwest Finland, Central Denmark, Catalonia and Central Portugal are the leading regions in the RESIST Project. They have been selected because of their high level of vulnerability to climate change and their experience in climate change adaptation (CCA).

These four regions will lead the way for the twinning regions in the implementation of innovative solutions to tackle climate-related challenges. Each of the leading regions is paired with two equally vulnerable regions with less experience in CCA​. Normandy (France), Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (Greece), Blekinge (Sweden), Zemgale (Latvia), Puglia (Italy), Baixo Alentejo (Portugal), Vesterålen (Norway), Extremadura (Spain) are the eight twinning regions.

These regions, like many across Europe, are facing increasing floods, heatwaves, wildfires, drought, soil erosion and rising sea levels because of climate change. Local and regional governments and citizens are at the forefront of facing these climate-related impacts. The project is bringing together these stakeholder groups along with the research community and businesses to build long-lasting resilience pathways to climate change impacts.

Southwest Finland Normandie Eastern Macedonia & Thrace(Greece)Blekinge ZemgaleCentral Denmark Puglia Catalonia Baixo AlentejoExtremadura Vesteralen Central Portugal