European Urban Resilience Forum

Workshop: What is resilience in practice: the past and the future

Cascais, Portugal

Date: 18 October 2023

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM

Audience: Maximum of 80 participants

This session will explore the increasing impacts of climate change in Europe, which are resulting in economic losses, environmental degradation, and are affecting the health and well-being of populations. As the Mission on Adaptation aims to support EU regions and local communities in their efforts to build resilience, it is crucial to understand how resilience has been defined and approached in various contexts, and what resilience will mean in the future.

This session is co-organised by EU-funded projects that support regions in developing climate resilience pathways and will focus on two main questions: How will European regions approach resilience in the future? And what will the future of resilience in regions look like?

Participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas on the future of resilience with regions and institutions working in the field. The discussion will focus on 10 topics, addressing different sectors and systems based on the regions’ context. The main conclusions from the session will be displayed at REGILIENCE’s stand in the marketplace and shared on REGILIENCE’s social media channels.


  • Jen Heemann (Expert in local action for energy and climate, IEECP)
  • Matthias Watzak (Project Manager, FEDARENE)