Chapter 5: RESIST Project solutions

Building Climate Resilience | Nature-based solutions | RESIST

Piia Leskinen, lead researcher in Water Engineering at the Turku University of Applied Sciences, a RESIST partner, tells us how nature-based solutions and special frameworks between the public and private sector can help the region of Southwest Finland implement a systemic transformation in the way it applies climate change resilience measures.

In this final video from the RESIST series from Southwest Finland, we hear from the research side of efforts to improve the climate resilience of Southwest Finland, which suffers from increased flooding, droughts and soil erosion.

The area, commonly referred to as Finland’s granary, is vitally important to the food security of the country. As a leading region in the RESIST Project, findings and solutions developed here will be shared and transposed to two other regions of Europe — Normandy and Eastern Macedonia & Thrace.