A year of building resilience together – RESIST 2023 wrapped

In this final newsletter of 2023, we’re wrapping up the first year of the RESIST Project and taking a look back at some of the many highlights we shared along the way. 

It has been a busy year for RESIST, with project meetings taking us from Finland, to Denmark, Norway and Portugal. Our YouTube channel has grown in leaps and bounds with seven new videos, including our eye-catching series on nature-based solutions in Southwest Finland.

The project has been brought to the page with articles on Finland, Catalonia and the wider Iberian Peninsula, plus much more. And our community on social media keeps on growing!

Check out our RESIST Wrapped for a bigger picture of an exciting year brimming with ideas.  

And with that, we wish you all a fantastic end to the year. We can’t wait for more exciting adventures in 2024.

RESIST Communications Team

RESIST 2023 Wrapped: Videos

In our first year, we have published 7 videos on Youtube and 6 videos on Instagram. Take a quick browse here and enjoy! 
Southwest Finland Video series – Chapter 5: RESIST Project solutions
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RESIST 2023 Wrapped: Articles and Media

This year, three feature articles developed by the team mentioned the RESIST Project and various media channels shared coverage 80 times. Let’s take a look at the articles.

Natural Climate Solutions in Finland’s Breadbasket

A field in Lieto, Southwest Finland. Photo: REVOLVE / Rebecca Tawk

Southwest Finland is taking a leaf from nature’s book when it comes to building climate change resilience. Read the full article by Jake Threadgould to get all the insights.
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Reconnecting with Our Cultural Heritage to Combat Wildfires

Air-dyed woollen yarns drying in the open air. Photo: Almudena Cerezo, Materia Botanica

Spain’s rich history of transhumance offers insights into the preservation of cultural heritage and combat wildfires. Discover the importance of landscape management to prevent fires in Extremadura, Spain, in the article by Marta Castillo Sánchez and Patricia Carbonell.
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Preparing Parched Catalonia for the New Normal

Pont de Querós (in Sant Hilari Sacalm), a medieval bridge that is usually underwater in Susqueda Reservoir. Photo: Jordiavus / Wikimedia Commons
Catalonia is facing a severe drought. Marta Castillo Sánchez and Jake Threadgould dived in this article into how water governance is turning to new technologies and nature for management solutions.
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Various media channels across Europe shared a combined 80 pieces of coverage mentioning RESIST in different languages in 2023.
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RESIST 2023 Wrapped: Activities

RESIST’s 3rd Consortium Meeting took place in Ålesund, Norway

RESIST’s 3rd Consortium Meeting took place in Ålesund, Norway, where our collaborative efforts powered three intense days of discussions, tech showcases, and workshops focusing on climate adaptation solutions. Partners shared updates, engaged stakeholders, and empowered local teams for impactful action. Get a sense of the event in our behind-the-scenes video!

RESIST organised its first media briefing on digital solutions in climate action

RESIST organised a media briefing for journalists and experts in the field of climate adaptation. The event provided an overview of how digital technology contributes to addressing climate challenges, including insights on the benefits and barriers of using digital twins for climate adaptation. You can watch it again if you missed it. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to arrange an interview with our experts.
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RESIST engages with planning professionals on flood-resilient building solutions in Denmark

RESIST partners gathered in Central Denmark’s Lemvig for training event focused on flood resilience in property planning and building. The discussions at the workshop are to contribute to the development of two demonstrator buildings set to be constructed as part of the RESIST Project. This kind of forward thinking when it comes to property development is vital in a region that is almost entirely at sea level.
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RESIST Project showcases digital twin technology at Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona

The RESIST Project showcased digital twin technologies at the Smart City Expo World Congress, which took place in Barcelona, Spain, from 7-9 November 2023. Augment City, a RESIST partner, demonstrated the potential of digital twin technologies for urban development and climate resilience.
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Engaging local communities in landscape transformation in Portugal’s Coimbra region

In the RESIST region of Central Portugal, CoLAB ForestWISE, the Intermunicipal Community of Coimbra Region (CIM Região de Coimbra), and local municipalities are developing participatory actions that involve local communities in the definition of a landscape transformation process set to be operational in 2024. 
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Find the RESIST regions image bank on Flickr

Find photos from RESIST activities in our regions on our Flickr albums.
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Meet the RESIST Community: adelphi

adelphi is an independent think-and-do tank and consultancy on climate, environment and development. adelphi was awarded the 16th German Sustainability Award as a pioneer in the socio-ecological transformation. As a partner of the RESIST Project, adelphi support the framing of the activities from their lens of social innovation and climate change experts.
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